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{November 16, 2010}   Kiddy Birthday Party

just one more post about the kids. we attended a transportation themed party of a 2 year old cousin, jared, which was so meticulously planned it deserves to be highlighted.

david has a penchant for transportation and construction vehicles especially the excavator. so being a transportation themed party,  all the birthday boy’s transportation toys were out on display. david made a beeline of them and played to his heart’s content.

Jared's 2nd Birthday 9 Jared's 2nd Birthday 13 Jared's 2nd Birthday 24

Jared's 2nd Birthday 21transportation craft activities were prepared for the older kids. this included colouring and puzzles. the puzzles even had completed samples to model after.

Jared's 2nd Birthday 5 Jared's 2nd Birthday 3

Jared's 2nd Birthday 2

colourful transportation stickers were distributed by jessica, sister of the birthday boy. even the biscuits were transportation themed.
Jared's 2nd Birthday 15 Jared's 2nd Birthday 16

Jared's 2nd Birthday 17my personal favorite part of the party were the home made chocolate cupcakes, transportation themed no less. the cupcakes were light and moist and the chocolate ganache was of a dark sweetness. the cupcakes were not the only variety of the birthday cake, there was also a jelly “cake” in the shape of a train.

Jared's 2nd Birthday 28

Jared's 2nd Birthday 30

Jared's 2nd Birthday 32

the party ended with a very orderly fire station shaped pinata. beginning with the shortest kid, each took turns to pull a ribbon at the pinata. if and when the pinata opens and the candy streams forth, the older kids had to give way to the toddlers in the rush for the sweets. david went to get his handful to sweets and proceeded to play with the rest of the toys which were now abandoned and available to him.

Jared's 2nd Birthday 44 Jared's 2nd Birthday 43 Jared's 2nd Birthday 45

goody bags were given out at the conclusion of the party so everyone has something to take home.

Jared's 2nd Birthday 22 Jared's 2nd Birthday 50 Jared's 2nd Birthday 51

kudos to mom ruth for planning such a thoughtful party!


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