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{November 16, 2010}   More fun and free things for kids to do

heading out with the kids does not always need to be an elaborate affair involving an entourage. besides the singapore botanic gardens, vivocity is an option to bring the kids to run around and amuse themselves.

my sister, her two kids and i hopped into a cab with a change of clothes for the kids, a water bottle and one extra diaper for david and headed for vivocity.

the first stop was pet safari. it was my first visit there. it is a huge pet store that has a wing for small animals (rodents), another for bigger animals (canine), a veterinary and a grooming centre.

kids love animals, especially cute ones and so it wasn’t difficult for them to have a good time. david promptly pointed out all the types of animals but was most interested in the terrapins. noelle was more drawn to rodents.

Vivo City - Pet Safari 2 Vivo City - Pet Safari 3 Vivo City - Pet Safari 6

we also managed to see dog grooming in progress and the most groomed dog receiving his beauty treatment – the poodle. according to wikipedia, the poodle is “regarded as the second most intelligent breed of dog after the border collie, and before the German Shepherd… Originally bred as a type of water dog, the poodle is skillful in many dog sports, including agility, obedience, tracking, and even herding.” so it is quite a shame that the poodle has been popularised to be pampered, manicured and bimbotic.

Vivo City - Pet Safari 10 Vivo City - Pet Safari 9 Vivo City - Pet Safari 11

on our way out, we caught the mouth-watering whiff of freshly baked cookies at pet safari. yes, they were doggy treats. i don’t know much about dogs, but isn’t processed food like cookies inappropriate for them?

Vivo City - Pet Safari 14

pet safari also caters for doggy birthday parties.

Vivo City - Pet Safari 13

it is a dog’s life indeed.

we proceeded to vivocity’s playground for a bit to play by the water feature and the fixtures. the last time i was there with the kids, noelle was about david’s age i.e 2 years old. now she is a big girl at all of 5 years.

Noelle @ Vivo City (6) Vivo City - Wading Pool 2
Noelle @ Vivo City (18) Vivo City - Wading Pool 1

the highlight was the wading pool at sky park. the water is very clean and is only up to ankle high so it is safe for kids. most singaporeans shun the slightest ray of sun, so we had the wading pool all to ourselves under the bright blue sky. noelle took the lead in entering the pool and david followed.

Vivo City - Wading Pool 7 Vivo City - Wading Pool 6

Vivo City - Wading Pool 5 Vivo City - Wading Pool 3 Vivo City - Wading Pool 12


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