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{November 21, 2010}   A day out at Tanjong Pagar

because it is a financial centre of singapore, tanjong pagar is an unlikely place to gallivant on a working day what more on a weekend. it is however, a charming place with tucked away chic and vintage book and lifestyle shops as well as quality restaurants.

this saturday’s amble into tanjong pagar started with lunch at buko nero at 126 tanjong pagar road. it is a truly a best kept secret because 1) its fame is spread through word of mouth 2) it opens only for a few hours at lunch and dinner, 3) it can only accommodate 7 tables at one time and therefore,  4) at least a month’s reservation in advance is necessary, 5) and most importantly, the food is absolutely divine.

buko nero is run solely by a couple, oscar and tracy. the setting is intimate and yet semi-formal for a celebratory atmosphere. for a set lunch for $28++ i had an appetizer, a main and a delectable dessert.

we had both sets available that day and a beetroot risotto in addition to share.

Buko Nero

Buko Nero 1 Buko Nero 5 Buko Nero 6

the dishes has a rustic home made touch to them with a polished delivery. the milk chocolate cake is the most memorable for me. it is definitely a one of a kind innovation because i have never seen it anywhere else. with each bite, the outer layers crumbleds into the denser core of rich chocolaty goodness. this is a rare case of milk chocolate trumping over dark chocolate. time to make  another advance reservation.

ann siang hill and the adjoining club street has seen several change in tenants over the years. the emerging pattern however has become definitively chic and playful although inadvertently yuppie. the new developments in that area that i did not check out this time round are the p.s. cafe branch at a.s.h and shots cafe. maybe next time.

Ang Siang Hill - PS Cafe 1 Ang Siang Hill - PS Cafe 2 Ann Siang Hill - Shot 2

what i did check out are the little drom store (shared space with k-ki), books actually and woods in the books.

the little drom store sells a collection of knick knacks, most of a local vintage variety and some designer products.

The Little Drom Store 2 The Little Drom Store 3 The Little Drom Store 4

this original product from the little drom store’s playground series caught my eye, especially since having watched royston tan’s old places that features old school playgrounds that are facing extinction upgrading.

i remember climbing into the beak of that pelican once. the other pins are based on the dragon and elephant playground.

The Little Drom Store 8 The Little Drom Store 9

just down the road is books actually. i’ve been to their original location at telok ayer and then at this club street one before the 2nd and 3rd stories were ready. so there were new features of books actually that i was checking out for the first time. their ground level houses the fiction titles and the non-fiction books are located on the 2nd and 3rd levels. books actually is not a regular book store, it is a curated book store.

Books Actually - Club Street 2 Books Actually - Club Street 7 Books Actually - Club Street 13

Books Actually - Club Street 19

what i found particularly interesting are the exhibitions of rare books and special displays.

this miniature leather bound range of shakespearean works under the bell jar is valued at $1610.
Books Actually - Club Street 12

and these classics inspired clutched bags by olympia le-tan costs $2800 each. apparently these books bags are a fashion icon that has made its mark in the fashion world.

Books Actually - Club Street 10

just a few units away is woods in the books.
Woods in the Books 3

since it specialises in illustrated books, there is a child-like ambiance in this book shop that is accentuated by mobiles and picture frames.

Woods in the Books 4Woods in the Books 8

Woods in the Books 2 Woods in the Books 7 Woods in the Books 10

i bought house of sixty fathers by meindert de jong and an edward monkton book and even got to meet mr. scotti the boss!

Woods in the Books 13

a mid day break was in order after the jaunt. and the perfect pit stop for that is at the beloved ouam (once upon a milkshake). they have the ice cream version of the milkshake flavours too.

Once Upon A Milkshake 31

the road less traveled.

Tanjong Pagar


ser says:

i love the pelican omg!!!

and mr scotti….is he a real dog or a soft toy? SO ADORABLE!!

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