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{November 23, 2010}   Pandan Reservoir

i recently began jogging along pandan reservoir again and noticed some changes. water flora has been cultivated near the circumference of the reservoir and board walks with fishing jetties are now popular gathering points in the evenings.

the jogging path nearer the residential area (away from the industries on the other side) is actually quite pleasant just before sunset.

Pandan Reservoir 2 Pandan Reservoir 1 Pandan Reservoir 3

the other new development in my jog is the use of the run keeper iphone application. it uses gps to track my distance, time and therefore speed, not just the average speed but also the real time indication of my pace. it also tracks changes in gradient. each run is saved and uploaded on my online run keeper account.

Pandan Reservoir - RunKeeper

this jetty is my usual mid-point u-turn. i used to walk to the end of the jetty before the closed sign was put up.

Pandan Reservoir 6

it is from here that i note the progress of the new blocks that should be ready in another 2 or 3 years. my current block and the surroundings ones are slated to be demolished under the Selective En Bloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS). there are pros and cons to this. on one hand, the new flats will be well, new. however, new flats are always smaller in size and these new blocks are much further away from the main road making commuting a bigger bane than it already is.


future developments of pandan reservoir are also in the works. the plan has been been featured in the marina barrage’s sustainable singapore gallery.
Marina Barage Gallery (24)

now, how will i be able to get to that island in the middle of the reservoir?

Marina Barage Gallery (27)


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