death by paper cut

{December 31, 2010}   Christmas Bling

i chanced across an online jewellery shop that is based in singapore with designs that i like. the next natural step is to “add to cart”. i ordered two items from crumpled suede; snow flakes reflection earrings and a  just a ‘lil loopy pendent. because crumpled suede is based locally i could do a bank transfer instead of a credit card purchase.

the response from crumpled suede is swift and service prompt. what really pleasantly surprised me is the custom made packaging that came with my order.

Crumpled Suede Purchase 1 Crumpled Suede Purchase 2

Crumpled Suede Purchase 3 Crumpled Suede Purchase 4

Crumpled Suede Purchase 5

Crumpled Suede Purchase 6

Crumpled Suede Purchase 7 Crumpled Suede Purchase 8

the earring hooks are looped in the black ribbons and the finer details of the earrings are sewed onto the black satin-like cushion.

i shall be visiting their website very soon.

add them here on facebook.


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