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{February 4, 2011}   Chinese New Year 2011

this year’s cny has been rather (dare i say it?) enjoyable for a few reasons that i must qualify.

firstly, the public holidays fall on thursday and friday, allowing for a long weekend.

secondly, the reunion dinner that usually only feature the steam boat also has a stir fry option.

thirdly, all visiting is confined within the morning of the first day and occurs at my place, giving me a good amount of personal time to really enjoy the holidays.

as far as i can remember, the chinese reunion dinner has always been an intimate affair because the tradition of the uncles and their family having reunion with my grandmother has not been strictly followed. also, there is no one around on my dad’s side to return for reunion to. i’m not complaining. the fun factor of this year’s dinner increased one notch with the inclusion of my niece and nephew (the kids) because my sister’s in-laws had theirs earlier in the week. also the geek was part of the celebrations.

although my mom and her sisters have been preparing weeks in advance for the dinner by shopping for ingredients at whole salers. my mom apparently forgot on the day of reunion dinner that it was the eve of the chinese new year. she took my nephew to the market for the usual morning walk and wondered why there were so many people at the market. she even called my aunt to verify that it was the eve. funny.

david’s first lo hei (noelle hid in my room)
CNY 2011 4

i did my token jabbing at the lo hei mix at the geek’s egging. i’m not a fan of the contents. maybe i should have my own version of the lo hei with caesar salad, croutons, feta cheese, sun dried tomatoes, pine nuts and salmon, lots of salmon. after all, lo hei aka yu sheng is a practice created by enterprising singaporean chefs in the 1960s. so why can’t i make up my own practice.

reunion dinner steam boat and electric fryer
CNY 2011 20

my favourite corner of the table
CNY 2011 16

the kids
CNY 2011 11 CNY 2011 21 CNY 2011 10

the first day of the chinese new year is when most visiting for everyone takes place. my mom’s two sisters and three brothers customarily turn up just before lunch to pay respects to my grandma.

CNY 2011 Visiting 9 CNY 2011 Visiting 7 CNY 2011 Visiting 15

left: for a 93 year old woman who had hip replacement therapy i think she is doing very well. a little forgetful at times, repeats herself at least trice, but by and large happy and enjoys a good chuckle and a martial arts sequence.

middle: my sister with cousins. the tall genes did not make it to my side of the family. the geek is hopeful that the tall genes is at least dormant and not non-existent.

right: david just before he threw the oranges at me. walrus in the background done by noelle.

the noelle and david sequence by edward
CNY 2011 by Edward 2 CNY 2011 by Edward 8 CNY 2011 by Edward 9

i love her feeble effort to smile and the subsequent pained expression. she is like me in so many ways.


A tradtional Niçoise salad [French] is tastier than ceasar

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