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{February 4, 2011}   Flickr, Magazines & Me

i’ve had my flickr account for five februaries now. up to date my 24,916 photos uploads have garnered 71,103 views. my trigger happiness really took off during my overseas stint. holidays are still the main occasions for my upload frenzy, but i’ve also snapped quite a number locally. some pictures are better than others, but i’m not aiming for any professional standard so i’m not too discriminating about my uploads. my best pictures are organised in one set.

in the mean time many magazine editors comb photo hosting sites like flickr for images. usually you are promised to be credited for your photo without any additional benefits. i always request for a copy of the magazine issue. something the geek taught me.

Request to Use Photo

a month ago, two such magazines appeared in my mail box. one from travel + leisure south east asia and one from european travelogue.

“european travelogue” is not really stated in the isreali magazine in a language i can understand. so i’m not sure if it is printed on the cover. but european travelogue is the organisation that approached me for the photo so “european travelogue” it is.

the featured photo is of the indonesian cuisine, rijsttafel that was taken at rice table, singapore. you can see the rice table tissue packet tucked under the plate of rice.

it is very intriguing to see my name amidst hebrew. also i learnt that hebrew publications like chinese, begins the first page  of what western literature would call the back. the back of this israeli magazine happens to be a singapore airlines advertisement, how apt.

European Travelogue 1

European Travelogue 2 European Travelogue 3

European Travelogue 4

the january edition of travel + leisure south east asia featured my photo of jones the grocer at dempsey. the crediting is a lot more inconspicuous though.

Travel and Leisure 1 Travel and Leisure 2

Travel and Leisure 3

other requests to use my photos often fall through because my point and shoot camera cannot capture images of 300 dpi. even so, i’m not motivated to get myself a dslr because for its sheer weight and bulkiness and also because many prosumer point and shoot cameras can already yield great pictures.

so now and then, i’m sufficiently delighted by such magazine features of my photos.


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