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{February 13, 2011}   BBQ Surprise aka Turning Thirty part 1

it is past 2 am and i am still up firstly because i can, and secondly because i have a great day to blog about.

about a week ago or so the geek told me to note down that we will be attending a friend’s birthday bbq at east coast park. i didn’t think much of it after that and nearer the date actually said that i wouldn’t be able to make it because i would be sending my mom off at the airport. (she has gone to japan for a week holiday) since it was a colleague of his that was celebrating the birthday i figured that he would have other friends to attend it with. that was when his plan for the surprise bbq meant for my birthday was unraveled.

so i ruined the surprise for my surprise birthday bbq single-handedly. the upside to a spoiled surprise is that now i have something to look forward to. the heavy afternoon downpour eased off making way for a cool and breezy evening.

BBQ at East Coast Park 4

BBQ at East Coast Park 3 BBQ at East Coast Park 2

knowing that i prefer the company of small groups of people rather than large ones, the geek kept the party to only 4 other people. the bbq supplies were ordered from other than food, all other party supplies were delivered directly to the bbq pit such as charcoal, firestarters and disposable utensils. for a small party, there was quite a large range of food – lamb chops, chicken wings, sambal stingray, otak otak, corn, satay, hokkien mee (cooked), garlic bread, chicken chipolata, and even cheng tng for dessert and packet drinks kept chilled in an ice box. the freshness of the meats and the marination were of a pretty good quality. the chicken wings were quite amazing.

BBQ at East Coast Park 5 BBQ at East Coast Park 7

BBQ at East Coast Park 15 BBQ at East Coast Park 14

BBQ at East Coast Park 12

the geek did all of the cooking while i caught up with m.l and e.o. he even had to sacrifice watching a football game for this arrangement. thankfully the score was favorable.

the old foggies like us cleared up the area by 10pm and made our way home shortly.

the celebrations have just began.


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