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{February 19, 2011}   Food and more Food aka Turning Thirty parts three & four

people always seem to gather around food. there is no celebration without feasting. portions are generous laid on,and everyone turns up with an extravagant mood –  a key ingredient to merry making.

i think the main principal behind stuffing each others faces is that providing for another with basic needs is the basic form of good will. and the communal consumption fosters a sense that the universal need for sustenance is met.

to pass on the bread is to say that i care that you remain alive.

now with my existential spiel out of the way, let’s get to the main course.

i had two gatherings with different groups of friends over the week.

turning thirty part three

on tuesday. i met with small garoupers for our chinese new year get-together, which means there was going to be lo hei. i’m not a fan of lo hei, but this one was actually pretty palatable. i helped myself with a second serving. you have no idea how unlikely that is.

the staple food was from west lake. they do a mean beef for fun and are of course known for their kung bak bao; a fatty slice of pork belly in white bread – i call it the chinese burger.  i rarely reach for a kung bak bao, but since it is there i took a token slice.

West Lake

the highlight of the evening was the home made birthday cake made lovingly by y.l. it has 2 layers of chocolate cake, slathered with cream cheese and topped by chocolate pencil shavings which i proceed to blow all over the table when i had to put out the candles.
2011 CNY Fellowship 18

2011 CNY Fellowship 20

if you include the cake, dessert came in three parts. chendol (also home made) and top grade durians from the dempsey carpark uncle.



turning thirty part four

on the date of my birthday itself, the geek, m, p and i visited ikoi at mirama hotel. i’ve heard of it plenty by have never been there. a birthday doesn’t get a more suitable occasion. it was also the 15th day of the chinese new year so the place was packed by some families too. for $33++ we got to choose an unlimited amount of food from the buffet menu.

ikoi 1 ikoi 7 ikoi 15

the range is pretty wide, however, unagi is not one of the options. i really enjoyed the vegetable tempura, especially the shiitake tempura, the grilled saba and salmon and the salmon sashimi. the soup is also very good. the ebi prawn and chawan mushi weren’t that great. but overall, the experience was splendid.


dinner was topped off by a small slice of chocolate cake from breadtalk. i think p did the honor of buying it. we were so stuffed from dinner that it was a struggle trying to finish it.

ikoi 20

the pink flakes you see there are hardened wax splatted by me when i blew the candle. i seem to have a pattern of messing up candle blowing.

i’m so thrilled to have presented to me as well, geek gifts!

Think Geek Birthday Presents

the black shirt is from labyrinth – which i guessed only after prompting from the geek. and the blue shirt is from big bang theory. that i instantly knew, not just because i watch show, but also because a month ago i online (window) shopped the list of these geek shirts.

geek ❤ ftw


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