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{March 27, 2011}   West Coast Park

compared to the more developed east coast park that has chalets, frequently used bbq pits, retail and restaurants, west coast park is sleepier and caters to a much more localised crowd. hardly any bbq gathering are organised at west coast park. this is due in part to the close proximity to the port and industries as well as to the non-existent beach.

west coast park is good however for short early morning or evening walks. a stroll around the elongated circumference of the park is a little less than 5km. this can be completed leisurely under an hour.

West Coast Park 53west coast park is an excellent place to being the kids for a romp in the open field or muck around at the various playgrounds pitched at different age groups all within a stone’s throw from each other.

going earlier in the mornings especially on weekends is recommended. we managed to arrive before the crowd thickened. our previous visit in the middle of the day was too hot to have fun for long.

below are some pictures of niece (5) and nephew (2) having a go at the playground for younger kids.

november 2010

West Coast Park 3

West Coast Park 6

West Coast Park 15 West Coast Park 5 West Coast Park 26

march 2011

West Coast Park 85

West Coast Park 77 West Coast Park 88 West Coast Park 81

in the short span of 5 months, the nephew has visibly grown and lost his baby fat around the chin.

at the most recent visit, we brought the sand castle tool kit for the kids to play with the sand – a fast disappearing feature at playgrounds that is giving way to rubber mats. the nephew specifically requested to bring his construction toy set that is crucial for his mock up of a construction site.

West Coast Park 57

West Coast Park 61

West Coast Park 69 West Coast Park 74 West Coast Park 70

a visit to the west coast park mcdonald’s is a must when at the park. for my parents who are not keen on burgers, they have the convenient alternative of cappuccino and sandwiches at mc cafe. both the coffee and sandwiches are of a pretty decent standard and much cheaper than other coffee chains. there is also the option of the covered alfresco sitting that is well ventilated and much quieter because most kids make a bee line for airconditioning.

West Coast Park 97

West Coast Park 104 West Coast Park 102

with kids and young families forming the majority of the clientele at this outlet, the staff are especially family friendly. balloons are generously given out to kids and baby chairs are not in short supply. the clean and airy toilets are fitted with kids sized sinks too. the niece and nephew are strangely not very keen on regular balloons. the nephew was much happier with the stick that came with the balloon which he promptly detached from the inflated head. my dad returned the balloon and was given to our surprise, a balloon sculptured bracelet for the niece, and in pink no less. she was ecstatic.

West Coast Park 95the customer service at this branch is impeccable. the ethos of promoting mcdonalds as more than a fast food joint is warmly felt here. kudos to the crew.

on our way out, i spotted some people in pedal go karts cycling around the park. they didn’t took very good at it. apparently the kiosk is located at carpark 2.

West Coast Park 54maybe next time.



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