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{July 17, 2011}   Manhattan, New York

arriving in new york was quite surreal because i think, more so than san francisco, so much of the pervasive american movie/pop culture that is set in this city is etched in my mind. the impetus to visit new york this june was to meet up with two friends who have in recent times made their home in new york. this also means that i’ve got my accommodation covered. thanks dc! other than benefitting from the free shelter, having company with friends living in the city makes for a more varied experience. for example, not all meals were taken in restaurants, some of which were home cooked. granted that dc’s place is not too far from downtown, i still commute via the subway like the regular new yorker unlike stepping out onto fifth avenue from a hotel (not that i can afford to do that).

keeping dc and i company was keyser who cannot be omitted from photos shot around the apartment since he is part of it.

here is keyser with us at the laundromat.

Laundry at 84 Wash 3 Laundry at 84 Wash 2

keyser taking us on a walk.

Morning Breakfast & Walk with Keyser 14 Morning Breakfast & Walk with Keyser 10

keyser bumming with us at the end of the day.

At Home with Debbie 9

most residential housing in manhattan are walk up apartments, small and creak with each step. there isn’t space for white picket fences or large gardens in this borough. the slightly fancier ones have lovely iron wrought gates leading to the ground level apartments.

Streets of NYC 21 - East 86 Street Streets of NYC 19 - East 86 Street

the much fancier gossip-girl-apartments are blocky high rises with a door man like those along park avenue or madison avenue nearer central park.

Streets of NYC 23 - Madison Avenue Apartments

the condominiums on roosevelt island are less uniformed. i took the cable car across to roosevelt island for a change of scene and a stroll along the water front. the ride on that cable car cost the same as the standard bus or train ride, so with the unlimited metro card, it was just a matter of hopping on and off.

the cable car runs on a 5-10 minute frequency and serves as a scenic alternative to the F train that also gets to roosevelt island.

Roosevelt Island 4 Roosevelt Island 3

Roosevelt Island 8

waterfront walkway along roosevelt island

Roosevelt Island 18 Roosevelt Island 22 Roosevelt Island 20

Roosevelt Island 21

skyline of the east of manhattan

Roosevelt Island 15

the skyline of the west of manhattan can be seen best from new jersey. from greenwich village, hoboken, the nearest new jersey suburb from manhattan is a mere 10 minute train ride with path. the hudson river that runs between new jersey and manhattan isn’t all that wide.  it must have quite a sight to see the A320 make the emergency landing on the hudson that winter morning. read wordy msnbc account of the incident or guardian’s article with more pictures.

at hoboken, i wanted to check out carlo’s bake shop of cake boss fame. i knew it was going to be crowded, however i didn’t expect a ticketed queue number to get in, and the line continues to the other side of the junction. i think buddy was in the house because flashes from cameras were going off like fireworks in the shop. it was like a rock concert. i took a few token shots of the bakery but didn’t bother waiting in line. instead, i spent the next hour or so along the very nice hudson river walkfront walk and pier c park and then made my way back to manhattan.

Hoboken 15 - Carlo's Bake Shop Hoboken 16 - Carlo's Bake Shop

Hoboken 12 - Carlo's Bake Shop

carlo’s bakery is such an attraction that it even has it own road sign.

Hoboken 11 - Carlo's Bake Shop

skyline of the west of manhattan on an overcast day

Hoboken 5 - Waterfront Walkway

hudson river waterfront walkway

Hoboken 2 - Waterfront Walkway

pier c park

Hoboken 10 - Waterfront Walkway Hoboken 7 - Waterfront Walkway

Hoboken 9 - Waterfront Walkway Hoboken 8 - Waterfront Walkway

getting around manhattan is very easy and convenient. it is a very walkable city with tourist and non-tourist attractions concentrated in the lower and middle part of the island. albeit a tad predictable, the orientation of manhattan is: upper in the north, lower in the south and middle in the well, middle. central park is located on a vertical strip from the middle to upper manhattan, to the left of it is the west and the right the east. the names of most neighborhoods in manhattan are named after its location. for example, the lower east side is at the lower east side and east and west village are well, at the east and the west.

following the grid of manhattan, most subway lines traverse vertically uptown and downtown, only a few traverse horizontally east to west. the intersections are where commuters change trains. the grid above the financial district is also predictably and chronologically follows street numbers from 1st street at the base of the grid to 100 plus street at the top. finding out where you want to get to and how to get there is therefore a no brainer. as an alternative to google maps on 3G (which has no prepaid data roaming option in the US), i highly recommend NFT (Not For Tourist). it is pocket size, detailed, has a sensible and user friendly lay out and provides concise and honest reviews of all areas listed. each map also has the overlay of public transport routes which makes for easy navigation. if your accommodation is in manhattan, almost all places of interest are within 30-40 minutes reach by public transport in manhattan (including walking and subway wait time if the subway does not screw up), maybe an hour if in brooklyn.

i don’t do organised tours, but walking tours i like. they are often small sized, very mobile and led by the locals. to this end, NYC by Foot fits the bill perfectly. what’s more, it is free with a recommended tip of $10 for the 2 hour walking tour and $25 for the 6 hour all-in-one walking tour. in the earlier part of the trip, i embarked on the 6 hour walking tour. luke the guide was informative, funny and connected very well with the diverse group. the hours passed by in a blink. the 6 hour walking tour provided an excellent introductory sweep of manhattan which covered the financial district, chinatown, little italy, SoHo, greenwich village, times square, bryant park, grand central, and ended at rockefeller centre.

this is roughly the route taken

6 Hour All-In-One Walking Tour

some other sights along the way

security at new york stock exchange

NYC By Foot 6 Hour Walking Tour 20 - Financial District

construction of the freedom tower at ground zero. the completed building is to look like this.

NYC By Foot 6 Hour Walking Tour 24 - WTC Site

statue of liberty buskers

NYC By Foot 6 Hour Walking Tour 12 - Battery Park

painted facade of building at the corner of prince and greene street, SoHo

NYC By Foot 6 Hour Walking Tour 48 - SoHo, Prince & Greene Street

times square on a summer’s day

NYC By Foot 6 Hour Walking Tour 70 - Times Square NYC By Foot 6 Hour Walking Tour 77 - Times Square

bryant park at lunch time

NYC By Foot 6 Hour Walking Tour 83 - Bryant Park NYC By Foot 6 Hour Walking Tour 79 - Bryant Park

because i wanted a more in depth experience with greenwich village, i attended the greenwich village 2 hour walking tour the following week. greenwich village is proud of its counter-culture and tangibly displays its bohemian vibe. its inhabitants tend to be NYU students, the hipster crowd, and other creative types.

infamous icons at greenwich village include the stone wall inn. this is the place that kick started the gay rights movement in the US with a riot and the site of uninhibited revelry at the announcement of the legalisation of same sex marriage a week after my trip;

Greenwich Village Walking Tour 3

and also washington square park where NYU students, some crazies, chess players, dog walkers and rabis squirrels hang out.

Greenwich Village Walking Tour 26 Greenwich Village Walking Tour 28
Greenwich Village Walking Tour 29 Greenwich Village Walking Tour 30
Greenwich Village Walking Tour 32 NYC By Foot 6 Hour Walking Tour 52 - Washington Square
NYC By Foot 6 Hour Walking Tour 57 - Washington Square NYC By Foot 6 Hour Walking Tour 58 - Washington Square

another place i could and did spend a full day at is central park. it was really splendid that dc’s place is a 15 minute walk away. it is huge, but chock-a-block full of very picturesque landscaping, picnic sites, jogging / horse riding routes. it is especially lovely near the lake and boat house. central park is not a token spot of greenery but is highly utilised and proudly maintained by the people of new york. although new york can be very hectic and fast paced, it also has places like central park for people to really engage with others and stop to smell the flowers. people are in the present with each other and with themselves here more than i can say for singaporeans who live life at a comparable break-neck speed. at every other junction in the park are buskers playing quality music, usually jazz. of course central park often makes an appearance in hollywood films, but it needs little dressing up for a shoot because it is lush and invigorating as it is in itself.

it can be quite easy to get disoriented in the park, but with a map in hand i knew where i was all the time. i leisurely covered two thirds of the park in 6 hours.

Central Park 5

Central Park 4

Central Park 24 - School Outing Central Park 15 - Passive Activity Lawn
Central Park 19 - Little League Baseball Central Park 26 - Belvedere Castle
Central Park 28 - Turtle Pond
Central Park 33 - Loeb Boathouse
Central Park 43 - Bethesda Terrace
Central Park 44 The Mall
Central Park 47 - Central Park Quartet
Central Park 51 - Beach Volley Ball
Central Park 66 - The Lake Central Park 69 - The Lake
Central Park 71 - The Lake Central Park 58 - Strawberry Fields

a different kind of park that is not has hyped up is the high line. the high line is a reinvention of a defunct elevated railway line into a linear park that connects more than 20 busy streets on the west side of manhattan more or less along tenth avenue. and that is just section 1 and 2. section 3 is slated to open at a later date to extend the elevated park. see map here. the conception and construction of the high line has been called an “extraordinary civic movement” because it was not initiated by the authorities whose original intention was to demolish it, but advocated by artist and entrepreneur Robert Hammond. Watch him talk about the high line at Ted Talks.

the high line is very thoughtfully curated and landscaped. the shrubbery and flora mesh together very well with the metal and concrete surrounding, giving the harsh urban setting a softer feel.

The High Line 8 The High Line 3

watching the world (or traffic) go by

The High Line 24

places along the high line to lounge around

The High Line 18 The High Line 2

architecture of manhattan from the high line

The High Line 19 The High Line 4 The High Line 5

modern bird houses

The High Line 13 The High Line 14 The High Line 16

kinky folsom east street festival

The High Line 27

unfinished section 3 of the high line

The High Line 29 The High Line 30

i got on to the high line from chelsea market at 14th street and walked to the end of the line at 30th street. it really didn’t feel like i  crossed 15 streets because the walk was so enjoyable. it is so refreshing to see the same city at the different elevation because it really looks like another city altogether. the feeling is being above it all in more than one sense.

chelsea market is an entire block of the finest food in manhattan if you like freshly baked breads, hearty soups, quality sandwiches and gelato and gourmet ingredients all round. best of all, it is spacious, airconditioned, has a relatively good number of seating and opened long hours all days of the week. it is like a farmer’s market that never ends.

i like it so much, i went to chelsea market three times. the best foods were however had at the third time with dc.

bresaola crepe from bar suzette

Chelsea Market 65 Chelsea Market 66

eggplant medallion from buon italia

Chelsea Market 41

freshly baked breads at amy’s breads

Chelsea Market 55 Chelsea Market 56

cakes and cookies galore

Chelsea Market 27 Chelsea Market 50 Chelsea Market 62

Chelsea Market 52 Chelsea Market 61

other pretty things at chelsea market

Chelsea Market 43 Chelsea Market 48

Chelsea Market 34 Chelsea Market 20

new york is full of other amazingly good food. of course there are the mediocre food chains and ubiquitous starbucks, but never once did i have to waste my time with those. some of these food places i discovered on food network just before my trip. others were recommendations by friends.

the menu of eisenberg’s sandwich shop proclaims, “raising new york’s cholesterol since 1929.” they are not kidding. eisenberg is quite the institution in new york. on its walls, hangs rows and rows of photos the owner has taken with celebrities. even so, it remains unassuming and quiet that afternoon, and rather decently priced considering its fame.

Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop 2 Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop 3

i ordered the reuben sandwich with beef pastrami. the reuben in singapore is wimpy and half-assed. this is what i call a real reuben. it also became my one and only meal that day.

Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop 10

shake shack in contrast has several outlets and they are all always crowded even near closing at 11pm.

Shake Shack, Manhattan 3 Shake Shack, Manhattan 4

the outlet at upper east side is conveniently located enroute to dc’s place from the subway station so i’ve had the opportunity to have the one burger i’ve tried, three times. and that is the ‘shrooms burger. the description in the menu reads “crisp-fried portobello FILLED with melted muenster and cheddar cheese, topped with lettuce, tomato and shacksauce.” emphasis mine.

that’s dc’s shakeburger on the left and my ‘shroom burger on the right.

Shake Shack, Manhattan 5

the cross section of the ‘shrooms burger

Shake Shack, Manhattan 6

hard as it may seem, there are other awesomesauce stuff around. the meatball shop is located at the lower east side and it specialises in meatballs, without spaghetti. it does not take reservations and tends to get very crowded. fortunately for me i got myself a single seat at the bar at a corner of the meatball shop almost immediately. it also gave me a very angle of the place.

The Meatball Shop 4 The Meatball Shop 5

you get to customise your order by choosing the balls naked (mostly on its own) or other options. i chose the meatball smash and got to decide on my type of ball, sauce and cheese.

The Meatball Shop 7

the beef ball with mushroom sauce and provolone cheese turned out heavenly. the meatballs are freshly ground and definitely seasoned with some combination of stuff that i can’t make out what, but i wouldn’t crack my head over it. it is so fresh that the meat feels bouncy even when i’m chomping on it. it has the right amount of savoriness without being too salty and meshed excellently well with the sauce and brioche bun. a brilliant addition to the salad are slices of apples to balance the bitterness that rocket can get.

The Meatball Shop 9

The Meatball Shop 10

moving away from meat to seafood takes us to the lobster roll of  luke’s lobster. i realised that there are a few similar establishments that also produce the lobster roll, but didn’t get to try them and didn’t need to. luke lobster has several outlets in manhattan and the one at upper east side is just two streets down dc’s place, how conveniently lovely. it is a small outlet with only a few seats, but elaborately decorated to the nautical theme.

Luke's Lobster 5 Luke's Lobster 4

the lobster roll is not that huge, but filled deep and spilling with fresh sweet lobster cooked lightly with lemon butter. it is not cheap for its size ($15), but i think it is value of money for its 100% real deal quality lobster. i had this twice within the week and miss it terribly.

Luke's Lobster 8

the NFT new york guide has a bagel subset in its food listing. that is how big a deal bagels are in new york. i’m so thankful to dc for introducing me to H&H Midtown Bagels near her place. they are cheap and good. the bagels are good in themselves, but i wouldn’t have them without the cream cheese. H&H Midtown Bagels slaps generous slabs of cream cheese between the sliced bagels. my favorite combination is the onion bagel with scallion cream cheese. i wish i can replicate this in singapore but who am i kidding.

H&H Bagels 1 H&H Bagels 5

H&H Bagels 3

H&H Bagels 9

italians reign the city when it comes to dessert. i went to three famous ones without really planning to, but it is really useful to have a restroom to use when you’re out all day. there aren’t that many malls in new york the way singapore has malls sprouting everywhere. that being said, the italian desserts were worth the try.
grom at greenwich is famous for its gelato not just in new york, but also its country of origin – italy. the guide for the greenwich walking tour had italians on a walk once and said that the italians were thrilled to find grom in new york. apparently grom has its own orchard to produce fruits for its fruity range of gelato.

Grom Gelato 6

Grom Gelato 4 Grom Gelato 2

just a few units down bleecker street from grom is pasticceria rocco. it reminds me of the rustic little european cake shops along acland street in melbourne. it was here that i tried the much talked about cannoli. it is a sicilian dessert with custard filling wrapped in a crispy shell. rocco also has  a range of cakes and cookies, but the cannoli is filling enough to block out the thought of other desserts.

NYC By Foot 6 Hour Walking Tour 67 -  Greenwich Village, Rocco's

on a separate day, i checked out ferrara at the lower east side nearer little italy. it also another italian institution in new york. the cakes and pastries are fancier and more vibrant looking than at rocco. ferrrara is also much larger and swankier in its layout. i had gelato again here because it was an extremely hot day and i didn’t feel like cakes or pastries. in comparison to the gelato at grom, ferrara’s gelato is not as sweet and more grainy. i prefer grom’s gelato.

Ferrara 1

Ferrara 3 Ferrara 7

Ferrara 6 Ferrara 8

the final food stop in melbourne was sarabeth at upper east side. dc and i were to fly back to singapore that night so she brought me to the very popular sarabeth for the last indulgence. the breakfast menu was served even at 2pm, so we went for the variety of eggs offered. i had an omelette and she had the frittata. the eggs were fluffy and the brioche that came with my omelette was soft and fresh. the meal lasted us till just before boarding that night.

Sarabeth's 3


Sarabeth's 7

frittata with pumpkin muffin

Sarabeth's 8

although magnificent, food is not the only attraction in new york. i would roughly categorise the rest of the attractions under look out points, art and heritage.

i used the city pass to cover the touristy attractions. for $79, the city pass comes with prepaid tickets for admission into the National Museum of Natural History, Museum of Modern Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Empire State Building, Top of the Rock, and ferry to Liberty Island (where the statue of liberty is) and Ellis Island. this means that i get to skip queues at each place. the city pass can be bought online or on site at any of the locations. other lesser known places of interest that i went on my own were the United Nations Headquarters, the Lower East Side Tenement Museum, and the (one night only) Museum Mile Festival.

since i got to go to visit two look out points, i went to Top of the Rock in the day and the Empire State Building at night. both places offer different vantage points of the city.

a key feature of the view from top of the rock is central park. the green carpet contrasts sharply with the canopy of sky scrapers whereas from the empire state building you can see all the way down to the south of manhattan. i am aware that the skyscrapers scrape the sky at the financial district, however, to actually see the concentration of skyscrapers in the south reminds me of the ominous jutting mountains of mordor. the amber lights from the cars and street lamps do also look like flowing lava winding its way around the metal and glass of the city.

from the top of the rock in the day

Top of the Rock 6 Top of the Rock 10

Top of the Rock 4

Top of the Rock 2 Top of the Rock 14 Top of the Rock 8

from the empire state building at night

Empire State Building 3 Empire State Building 5

Empire State Building 15

Empire State Building 17

Empire State Building 9 Empire State Building 11 Empire State Building 22

the crowd management at top of the rock is infinitely better than the empire state building. the queue for the lifts didn’t take too long and there was a lot more space on the platforms to move around. because of how the empire state building is designed, visitors only have a narrow passage way around the circumference of the building. by the time i got to the look out point at the empire state building, the grills were being hugged by a wall of visitors. i had to queue behind people in hope that they would move off before i could have a look at the view. the movement up and down the empire state building took more than twice as long as the top of the rock because the first lift at the empire state building takes you only to the 80th floor and you would have to queue again at another lift to get from the 80th to 86th floor where the look out point is. the queue for the 2nd lift was so overwhelming that the stairs were opened as an alternative route up. the trip up and down the empire state building took about 45 minutes each way. the night i visited was a full moon so i guess that made up for it.

being an art museum buff, visiting the renown sites of art collections was a must in new york. i was rather wistful when my art history professor was putting together a study trip to new york, and i was not going. anyway, here i am. other than looking at the art work itself, i was interested in how it was curated and the architecture of the building.

the guggenheim is famous for its spiral ramps which i managed to visit for free because i bothered queuing up in the rain during the museum mile festival where all museums along fifth avenue do not charge admission from 6pm to 9pm. the queue moved along at a steady rate and although it was raining most people were happy that it cooled the scorching summer heat.

Guggenheim NY @ Museum Mile Festival 6 Guggenheim NY @ Museum Mile Festival 8 Guggenheim NY @ Museum Mile Festival 7

Guggenheim NY @ Museum Mile Festival 1 Guggenheim NY @ Museum Mile Festival 20

the metropolitan museum of art is MASSIVE. but i’m proud to say that i managed to view three quarters of it in moderate depth within the day. each wing of the museum is themed according to the continents of the world, and then chronologically from ancient to contemporary.

outside the met
The Met 4

the great hall
The Met 7

i was most impressed by the intricate ornaments of the ancient world.

these pair of earrings were made by the greeks in the third century b.c.

Pair of gold earrings with colored beads

The Met 60

These earrings are a variation of the disk and pendant type that began in the sixth century B.C. and enjoyed popularity throughout the Greek world during the Hellenistic period. Here the disk has been modified into pediment shape, and the pendant are in the form of female heads.

this ring was also made by the greeks a century later.

Gold and rock crystal ring with box-shaped bezel

The Met 62 The Met 63

The Met 64

This exceptionally intricate ring, decorated with fine granulation, filigree, and garnets, is a virtuoso example of the Hellenistic goldsmith’s craft. It features a box-shaped bezel in which a gold bird is placed. The bird is sucking nectar from a flower in a garden setting. Parts of the bird and the flowers are decorated the blue enamel. The rock crystal encasement provides a window through which the wearer can glimpse into this picturesque miniature scene.

this has got to be the ultimate pencil case

Ivory Writing Box
Copper Alloy Mounts
South Italy, Amalfi
Carved in 1100

The Met 176 The Met 177

Islam, Christianity and Judaism exalted the written word, and this elegant box, created to house writing tools, would have had special meaning for its owner. The Latin script (Taurus, the son of Mansone) links the box to the Mansone family, a ducal power in Amalfi during the eleventh century.

a kinky terracotta flask. i wonder whose fetish it served. the description reads, “these examples show young black boys in unguarded moments,” indeed.

Terracotta Flask
Greek, South Italian, Campanian, Black-glazed, 4th Century B.C.

The Met 163 The Met 164

other fine things at the met

The Met 12 The Met 34 The Met 123

The Met 141 The Met 151 The Met 181

an elderly man and his still life sketch

The Met 135 The Met 136 The Met 134

The Met 196

The Met 187

roof top of the met

The Met 201 The Met 203

although the met has a section on contemporary art, it is still mostly classical aka colonial. the museum of modern art, (MoMA) is stocked with modern, post-modern and some contemporary art. the architecture is quite interesting. the interior is clean and white with an empty core that shows the cross-section of some floors.

Museum of Modern Art 8 Museum of Modern Art 13 Museum of Modern Art 17

MoMA has a pretty good cafeteria that is less pricy than the food at the met. the decor and furniture is also thoughtfully curated to match the vibe of MOMA. Interestingly, it is the only place in the US that i’ve seen a 10% service charge included in the bill.

Museum of Modern Art 42

Museum of Modern Art 43 Museum of Modern Art 39

Museum of Modern Art 44

these designer baby chairs cost a bomb each. but you can’t put a price on taste can you?

perhaps the most touristy thing i did was to photograph the statue of liberty from the ferry getting to liberty island. if you look closely, you can see tiny people lining the edge of the island. that’s how gargantuan the statue is.

Liberty Island 6

Liberty Island 8

Liberty Island 18 Liberty Island 15

the ferry traverses a manhattan-liberty island-ellis island circuit for $13. for an additional $3, you can enter the statue of liberty and look out from its crown, but that ticket has been fully booked months ahead. i was more interested in the ellis island immigration museum in any case.

originally a point of embarkation at the united states, the building is now used as a museum to inform people of the arduous steps taken by new immigrants and their struggles. only 2 percent of the new arrivals were deemed undesirable and deported, however that meant that some families did separate. the immigration museum is comprehensive and very well curated. it documents the various push factors that drove different people to migrate and also deeply engages with the discourse of immigration at large and the inevitable exploitation of the marginalised to show that the story of immigration is universal and on going.

Ellis Island 3

Ellis Island 12

Ellis Island 7

Ellis Island 14 Ellis Island 20

Ellis Island 29 Ellis Island 37

anti-immigration measures and xenophobia

Ellis Island 51

Ellis Island 47 Ellis Island 48 Ellis Island 49

Ellis Island 83 Ellis Island 84

the united nations headquarters in new york is quite off the tourist path, that being said, there were many chinese nationals and japanese school groups. no where else in new york have i seen a concentration of asian visitors. in the line to get my ticket to the guided tour, a chinese man asked me in chinese if i am from china. i replied with involuntary derision that i’m from singapore, in chinese no less. he must have not understood a single word of english because he could not read the sign that indicated what the queue was for. in any case, he asked me and a chinese boy in front of me in the line to assist him in cutting queue. i cast him the most scornful look of disdain i could muster while the boy complied. fortunately the lady at the counter told the boy that she would not process the tickets of the chinese man and that he would have to get in line like everyone else. way to go lady!

i got to see where the UN security council meets as well as the general assembly. what i learnt from the question i posed the guide was that UN members do not get expelled even when they cross the line. the only penalty is that they have their right to vote on matters suspended. the effectiveness of the UN is debatable. but while it is still in around, i got to spot singapore’s seat in the general assembly.

United Nations HQ New York 21 - General Assembly

United Nations HQ New York 27 - General Assembly

lock in your vote

United Nations HQ New York 28 - General Assembly

security country

United Nations HQ New York 18 - Security Council

sculpture at the UN

United Nations HQ New York 8 United Nations HQ New York 4

United Nations HQ New York 6 United Nations HQ New York 5

and finally, a must go to place for a mac geek is the mac store at fifth avenue. the store itself is located below ground level but can be conspicuously seen as a futuristic glass cube rising from the ground.

Apple Store, 5th Avenue 4 Apple Store, 5th Avenue 1

Apple Store, 5th Avenue 5 Apple Store, 5th Avenue 6

a cleaner taking his job very seriously

Apple Store, 5th Avenue 7

a very crowded apple store

Apple Store, 5th Avenue 8

a very crowded genius bar

Apple Store, 5th Avenue 9

although the store was very crowded, it was tended by a number of staff. i approached a girl to ask about purchasing itunes card without really expecting to get them here since the payment line was snaking. after checking, she said that the itunes cards were in stock and she would be able to process the payment immediately on the spot without having to wait in line. i had the same experience at the san francisco apple store when i paid with the credit card, so i didn’t think that i could do it with cash since that would need a cash register.

but no matter, the girl said that she do it just the same. she scanned the items wireless and out of the edge of the display table pops a hidden cash register stashed with notes. she returned me my change and sent the receipt to my email. so i made my purchase faster than the next person in line to get his turn. innovative and impeccable service.

itunes cards getting scanned

Apple Store, 5th Avenue 12

sunsetting on new york

Apple Store, 5th Avenue 14

check out the rest of my photos of new york here.

next post: brooklyn


[…] i’ve covered the usual touristy new yorker icons in my visit last year, i was glad that i managed to check the more offbeat and in a way ephemeral attractions this time. […]

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