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{November 21, 2011}   weekly runs

i was not born hitting the ground running. the inclination to run mid and long distances is not inherent. i picked up running by challenging myself to complete a 10km marathon. i found a friend to sign up with me so that that maiden voyage in 2003 will not be so daunting. my first 10km stretch felt forever and i alternated between running and walking several times. but once the first 10km is conquered, all distances below that feels very do-able without much training.

my enthusiasm for running was reinforced in my time in melbourne where the weather is cooler most times of the year and where the running culture is very strong. near where i lived is a popular running spot – princes park that takes me about an hour to loop beginning from my doorstep at leicester street. the dyer air and tree lines avenues made running a walk in the park. of course i have to qualify that a prerequisite for me to run is my mp3 player. i cannot run without fast tempo music. over the years, i have accumulated more than 100 songs just for my running playlist. and since i do not normally exceed more than an hour and a half i do not ever exhaust the playlist.

Runs - Princes Park 2

Runs - Princes Park 5 Runs - Princes Park 7 Runs - Princes Park 10

back home in singapore, i managed to find my running rhythm again only after a few year upon returning because of the hectic pace of life and onerous work commitments. i’m glad however to have found my groove in my weekly sunday runs around pandan reservoir after a few overhauls in my living and work arrangements.

aerial view of the architectural model of pandan reservoir at the ura gallery

Architecture Model of the City 14

true in its representations in this model, pandan reservoir is not shady and neither does it have much trees for shelter.

pandan reservoir is surround by factories and industries along most of its circumference. only along one straight side of the reservoir (west coast road) is where the housing estate is located. however in recent times, there has been several new developments along the stretch nearest the housing estate to make it more enjoyable for the residents. pandan reservoir comes under the care of PUB, not NParks. these developments are part of PUB’s Active, Beautiful and Clean (ABC) programme. Kudos to PUB!

paddle lodge and sheltered area

Pandan Reservoir 23 Pandan Reservoir 24

greenery along the edge of the reservoir

Pandan Reservoir 26

water polo court
rowers can be seen in the distance

Pandan Reservoir 42

Pandan Reservoir 40

electric boat deck and board walks

Pandan Reservoir 15 Pandan Reservoir 19 Pandan Reservoir 21

Pandan Reservoir 18 Pandan Reservoir 16

since the route along pandan reservoir can be very harsh under the scorching sun, most people tend to only run in the evenings just before dusk. that period of time also affords the opportunity to witness the colourful sunset hues on certain days.

with the photosynth app, i managed to capture these panoramic views on a good day at pandan reservoir. click on image to enlarge

Pandan Reservoir 50

Pandan Reservoir 51

other views

Pandan Reservoir 47 Angel Rays 2

Pandan Reservoir 48 Pandan Reservoir 49

fishing along the reservoir is now allowed. jetties for fishing have even been constructed. however, not all fishing enthusiasts fish at these jetties and would rather cast their bait along less crowded parts of the reservoir. at a stretch of the reservoir when i was fortunately walking and not running, i felt a tug at my feet and realised that i could not move them. upon closer inspection, i found that someone’s fishing line had looped around my ankles and the fishing hook had lodged itself into my shoelaces. i was more amused than angry and proceeded to dislodge the hook, which proved to be more tricky than it looks. the fisherman, obviously an amateur, was very apologetic. thankfully, nothing more serious resulted. i could have tripped over or have the hook pierce my legs. now i know why there are designated fishing areas.


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