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{November 23, 2011}   Salta and Maison Ikkoku

for the geek’s birthday, i sourced for a place with meats – succulent, juicy, tender meets. salta seems just the place. i can’t remember how i first stumbled onto salta but the website does make it look classy and confidence-gaining. online reviews however are in consistent. there are some good ones and there are really critical ones. there is only one way to find out so i took the plunge and hoped to visit salta on their good day.

Salta 1 Salta 6

we were there on a weekday afternoon so there wasn’t much of a crowd. the service was prompt and attentive and setting comfortable. we ordered the mixed meat platter for two persons (parrillada) to have an experience with the range of meats. it smelled really good but the taste was on the salty side. i tend to have a higher tolerance for salty food so it is fine with me but the salt can be toned down for a more wholesome taste.

according to the menu, the platter consists of “short ribs, beef skirt, chicken, black hog pork, mixed sausage, lamb rack, vegetables & potatoes.” of all the meats, i think the beef steak was done the best. the other meats were a tad tough and the pork a little dry.

Salta 7 Salta 9

Salta 11

the only side we ordered was the sweet potato fries that i came across on online reviews. i think the sweetness of the sweet potato fries helped to balance the saltiness of the meats. the outside texture is like banana fritters but the sweet potato chunks were crunchy and pipping hot when broken.

Salta 12

salta was not a bad experience and for its price, the quality of the food is pretty decent. however, there are several other places also with good meats i would like to try before coming back here.

after lunch, we made our way to maison ikkoku, a cafe located in the premise of kampong glam at 20 kandahar street. the name of the cafe is taken from a japanese manga and other than the very very softly japanese music played in the background there wasn’t much else that seems japanese about the place. i’m not complaining though. i like it the way it is. perhaps another thing japanese is one of the food items, the mi musubi (japanese rice with spam luncheon meat) that we did not try. maison ikkoku means house of the moment in japanese.

Maison Ikkoku 1

according to, maison ikkoku is operated by two pairs of husband & wife couples – Thomas Ho & Janice Ong, and Franz Chua & Shanie Teoh.

the set up of the cafe is spacious yet cozy and can accommodate groups larger than two or four. the rustic charm is engendered by old cupboards installed in the ceiling and the conversion of old doors as tables. there is also a tinge of steam punk decor that exudes from the industrial light bulbs that are lined against the white washed brick wall.

Maison Ikkoku 16 Maison Ikkoku 9

Maison Ikkoku 11 Maison Ikkoku 12 Maison Ikkoku 3

the service is very warm and friendly. we were offered to try from the syphon – a single origin with a very long name of Costa Rica Los Angeles Finca La Bisunga. the name begins with the country of origin, its district, and then the name of the plantation. the ice mocha i had came in a honey-jar mug that was thick and refreshing. although milky, it still retained the distinctive kick and taste of coffee.

Maison Ikkoku 13

maison ikkoku is more accessible than loysel’s toy, larger than kith cafe, and i think has better coffee than forty hands. also, unlike most coffee places, maison ikkoku opens on mondays! definitely coming back here with friends.


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