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{January 22, 2012}   “cape” crusader

At Kent Ridge Park

almost like wearing a cape, my latest sports bag acquisition fits snugly in all the right places. it is essentially a large waist pouch that has detachable a “harness.” i first spotted this design on a deuter a while back and had a mind to get something like that for my walks because firstly, i don’t need to carry much around, secondly, it has minimum contact with my back so heat does not build up and thirdly, the ends of straps near the arms stray less i.e. i get less annoyed.

i got this for $45 from the mecca of sporting goods in singapore, queensway shopping centre, at cliffhanger connection. the brand of the bag is “one polar” which does not seem to have a navigable website, in any case, they do their bags better than they do their website.

other gear i recommend – waterproof trekking shoes from northface, shown in picture above; cheaper at queensway shopping centre too. and the platypus softbottle – a foldable hydration pack that is very lightweight and space saving, also available at cliffhanger connection. in this picture, my 1 litre platypus softbottle is filled to about 600ml, folded in half and stored in the bag. no more concern about the shape and size of bags to accommodate a fixed size waterbottle.

this picture was taken around the 3km mark of the 8.58km walk.

Southern Ridges - NUS to Vivocity

typically, we begin near the central library building of nus, walk along science park drive and continue heading south (of singapore) towards mount faber and then make the steep descent down the steps of marang trail and emerge at habourfront mrt station.

when we do walk, we usually walk on friday evenings when kp knocks off at 5.30pm at nus. the hours of dusk are the best time to walk because it is much cooler then and being a weekday, the southern ridges is not crowded with people. also we’ll get to vivocity in time for dinner!

i’m very glad that there are healthy and off-the-beaten-mall options in singapore to begin the weekends. who says there is nothing to do!

other pictures along the southern ridges from my previous walks.


Patricea says:

It’s not that there is nothing to do but rather people lack imagination on finding things to do. Or their favourite excuse – no time. Cos they don’t know how to make time. Enjoy those walks! 🙂

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