death by paper cut

{November 13, 2012}   The Lull after the Storm

so it has been raining a lot in tropical singapore. i love the showers, the downpour, the deluge, the torrent rain in singapore where it cools the weather down tremendously and still not rear its ugly head as natural disaster as it can in other places. when overcast, the sky has a brooding personality and a gravitas that commands reckoning, thereby evoking a pensive mood.

i perceive the recent heavy rain to be chipping away at the distractions and stripping away what’s unimportant as if in a cleansing of our minds. this central idea germinated in my mind and after hacking away at it for about an hour or two, the follow poem emerged.


The Lull after the Storm


Upon my pruning feet and in muddying pavements,

The monsoon rain beats down relentlessly.

Puddles form rapidly,

And in quick ricocheting succession

Link arms like a call to arms,

They merge and finding solidarity,

Defiantly surround me in a moat.

Taken captive, I yield

And stand before the watery fortress


At first indeterminable, inscrutable,

The rain pitter-patters to a drizzle

And pools into a glassy pane.

As if having washed away the day’s

Defeats with its dust and grime,

The slate is wiped clean to try again.

Venturing forth, I step ahead

Making my own ripples in

The lull after the storm.


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