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{June 23, 2013}   Kiddy Photos

You know what they say about the first kid in the family being photographed lots and the subsequent ones not enjoying as much coverage because the novelty wears off? Well, in my family, the reverse happened because by the time my sister’s third kid came along, my mum discovered 1) the smart phone 2) taking photos with it 3) whatsapp 4) using all the above e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y.

We’re not complaining because it is quite endearing. And sometimes, my mum captions her grandson in his first person voice. She is literally making up for the non-existence of web 2.0 when she was a younger mother in the last century.

Mum and I in the 80s

Just born

Mum and her grandkids they were about one to two months old.

noelle @ 29 days 1 (b&w) David and Grandma Frowning Jordan Kang 46 - 1st Month

they all come from the same mold, especially the two boys. in the centre – nephew one, and right – nephew two.

David on Bumbo Chair (2) Jordan on Bumbo Seat, with David

left – nephew one, right – both nephews now

while looking though the archives, I noticed that the niece mastered the smirk at the very young age, and it ever left her.

noelle @ 6 months 1 CNY 2011 by Edward 2

also, I’ve been told that she takes after me a lot.

I do have tons of childhood photos myself. However they’ve yet to be digitised. I should see to it that they do, before the moulds get to them.


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