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{September 9, 2013}   Cookie….

Because I had a (Teachers’) day off last Friday, I took the niece and nephew to the nearby Science Centre to have walk about, and maybe learn something new.

A new exhibit we visited was Candy Unwrapped which is free admission if are a Science Centre member but charges a nominal fee otherwise.  It is fairly interactive for young kids. However, the disparate segments of the exhibition space somewhat lacks unity and its presentation rather underwhelming. In any case, there is always something new to be learnt.

For me, the most sobering but not exactly new titbit (pun intended) of knowledge I encountered was the Energy Burn exhibit. By riding on the stationary bicycles, you can actually see and feel how long it takes to chip away at different amounts of sugar.

Here is a helpful chart reminding you that it takes 20:12 minutes of running at 8km per hour to burn 3 pieces of chocolate chip cookies. Yes, just 3 measly pieces.

Candy Unwrapped - How long it takes to burn sugar

Interesting, I also recently came across a youtube video of Tom Hiddleston teaching Cookie Monster about delayed gratification with regards to, no surprises for guessing, eating cookies…

And just when I was coveting Famous Amos.


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