death by paper cut

Spring Cleaning.

Since I pack and reorganise my stuff more than every once in a while, I don’t normally have to wait till the proverbial spring to do a cleaning. Just so happens that (1) it is also spring this time of the year in places that have the seasons, (2) the Chinese take this time before the new lunar new year to flex their consumerist muscles to replace not so new things with newer things, (3) I’m preparing for a move.

And because I’ve quite recently moved into my current premises just over a year ago, my sorting and packing now mostly consist of reviewing my stuff and evaluating if they pass the new litmus test to warrant the logistical effort for another move.

Some defunct technology that made it from the old place did not pass this litmus test. Before I chuck them out however, I preserved them digitally to mark their once existence and the passing of time.

TDK DVD Burner

TDK DVD Burner 2 TDK DVD Burner 1

Laptops and desktops that had DVD drives could not always have the capability to burn DVDs. These days, slimmer laptops have gotten rid of DVD drives altogether in favour of light-weightness and mobility. Back then however, when storage in thumb-drives and external hard disks were not the common practice, organising and burning data in DVD was the more convenient alternative to floppy disks. Like most devices of its day, the TDK DVD Burner is bulky and heavy.

CompactDrive PD70X

Compact Drive PD70X 2 Compact Drive PD70X 4

Digital photography was not as trigger happy as it is now when storage in memory cards were expensive and limited in capacity. When traveling, it is easy to max out the memory space which created the need to review the images, prioritise what you want and delete the rest. On my 11 day road trip to Central Australia, the CompactDrive was the common storage platform for the memory cards of me and my friends. Being battery operated, the CompactDrive was independent of needing a power source; this was a very important feature on a road trip. If memory serves me well, this CompactDrive costs $300 in the mid 2000s. Someone did a very thorough review of this device which you can look up if you are so inclined.

Nintendo GAME BOY

Nintendo GAME BOY 1

Nintendo GAME BOY 2

Nintendo GAME BOY 3 Nintendo GAME BOY 4

The Nintendo GAME BOY was the game-changer in the time of handheld games. I got my first one in upper Primary and added a secondhand GAME BOY in lower secondary so that I could make use of the two-player functions in some games like Tetris. There were original game cartridges and pirated ones that had 16-in-1 or even 50-in-1. The most advance end-user interface of the mid 1990s was monochrome Dot Matrix. In storage, my GAME BOY units rusted to the core and the batteries leaked, then rusted. Trivia: Watch out for the GAME BOY’s appearance in 1998 Will Smith film – Enemy of the State.

Game Arcade Tokens

Arcade Tokens 2

Arcade Tokens 1

With the use of metal tokens, Game Arcades felt like a casino for kids. There were many different Game Arcades in the 1990s and each fashioned their own tokens. I was never really good at any game. I most enjoyed the multi-player Daytona, that as a group of 6 to 10 friends, was played out more as a virtual bumper car. Wreak-it-Ralph did an excellent job in translating the old school vibe of these places. The last time I played at an arcade, which is more than a decade ago, I found to my bewilderment that the metal tokens have been replaced by stored value cash cards. This signaled the end of an era.

Having a collector’s streak, I was very conscious of not using my last token and collected it instead for keepsake. Into a pouch the tokens went and over the years my collection amassed. It is not exactly a treasure chest now but it can count towards making up part of my Happy Thoughts. The bulkier defunct technology I’ve tossed, this pouch I’m keeping and bringing into our current millennium. Because WyWy Wonderspace had the most extensive network of arcades, I also have with me a number of WyWy tokens as witness to the last vestiges of growing up in the 1990s.


{February 4, 2011}   Flickr, Magazines & Me

i’ve had my flickr account for five februaries now. up to date my 24,916 photos uploads have garnered 71,103 views. my trigger happiness really took off during my overseas stint. holidays are still the main occasions for my upload frenzy, but i’ve also snapped quite a number locally. some pictures are better than others, but i’m not aiming for any professional standard so i’m not too discriminating about my uploads. my best pictures are organised in one set.

in the mean time many magazine editors comb photo hosting sites like flickr for images. usually you are promised to be credited for your photo without any additional benefits. i always request for a copy of the magazine issue. something the geek taught me.

Request to Use Photo

a month ago, two such magazines appeared in my mail box. one from travel + leisure south east asia and one from european travelogue.

“european travelogue” is not really stated in the isreali magazine in a language i can understand. so i’m not sure if it is printed on the cover. but european travelogue is the organisation that approached me for the photo so “european travelogue” it is.

the featured photo is of the indonesian cuisine, rijsttafel that was taken at rice table, singapore. you can see the rice table tissue packet tucked under the plate of rice.

it is very intriguing to see my name amidst hebrew. also i learnt that hebrew publications like chinese, begins the first page  of what western literature would call the back. the back of this israeli magazine happens to be a singapore airlines advertisement, how apt.

European Travelogue 1

European Travelogue 2 European Travelogue 3

European Travelogue 4

the january edition of travel + leisure south east asia featured my photo of jones the grocer at dempsey. the crediting is a lot more inconspicuous though.

Travel and Leisure 1 Travel and Leisure 2

Travel and Leisure 3

other requests to use my photos often fall through because my point and shoot camera cannot capture images of 300 dpi. even so, i’m not motivated to get myself a dslr because for its sheer weight and bulkiness and also because many prosumer point and shoot cameras can already yield great pictures.

so now and then, i’m sufficiently delighted by such magazine features of my photos.

{December 31, 2010}   Christmas Bling

i chanced across an online jewellery shop that is based in singapore with designs that i like. the next natural step is to “add to cart”. i ordered two items from crumpled suede; snow flakes reflection earrings and a  just a ‘lil loopy pendent. because crumpled suede is based locally i could do a bank transfer instead of a credit card purchase.

the response from crumpled suede is swift and service prompt. what really pleasantly surprised me is the custom made packaging that came with my order.

Crumpled Suede Purchase 1 Crumpled Suede Purchase 2

Crumpled Suede Purchase 3 Crumpled Suede Purchase 4

Crumpled Suede Purchase 5

Crumpled Suede Purchase 6

Crumpled Suede Purchase 7 Crumpled Suede Purchase 8

the earring hooks are looped in the black ribbons and the finer details of the earrings are sewed onto the black satin-like cushion.

i shall be visiting their website very soon.

add them here on facebook.

who will love longer, this bag or me?” is the question that timbuk2 poses in the tag that comes with my commute slim. it continues with the audacity, “chances are it’s the bag. no one’s calling you a wimp, but we build these bags with bombproof ballistic nylon and the durability of a timbuk2 bag is legendary. what you wouldn’t find in this bag is a pvc liner. we’re using a few other materials that are just as strong and waterproof and don’t kick mother nature in the ‘nads.

i love it already.

just before walking into epicentre at wheelock, i did say to the geek that i’m on the lookout for a messenger bag. i’m glad i said that before i laid my hands on the timbuk2 commute slim because it absolves me from impulse buying.

timbuk2 commute slim

it has both form and function. the intuitive design fulfills everything i need in a messenger bag. sufficient space for my macbook, additional volume for other items as large, lots of compartments, stash away spaces for my ipod that is separate from the main compartment.

there was no price tag on it. the slightly larger sized model is priced at SGD168. i bench marked my price point beneath that value in case you know, the smaller the more expensive it is. the sales staff at epicentre got back to me with the price of SGD119! that’s a very good price for a timbuk2! the next step was guiltless no brainer.

and i’m glad i made the purchase because this model is no longer in production. according to the timbuk2 website, this model is no longer available because it has upgraded to commute 2.0.

i still prefer this because the front flap noiselessly opens and closes with strong magnets rather than with velcro or clips. also, access to the laptop and larger items is separate from the front flap which makes for easy retrieval with the top opening zip.

timbuk2 commute slim 5

timbuk2 commute slim 6

timbuk2 commute slim 7

timbuk2 commute slim 8

like what it says, “just open up the bag already.”

{February 17, 2010}   turning 29 today

out of curiosity i checked out the time at which i was born – the world became a better place at 11.15pm 29 years ago. =P

contrary to how many others bemoan the looming big 3-0, i’ve counted down to that milestone ever since i was in my mid 20s. the 30s somehow appeals to me the chic prime time of an independent urban woman who can hold her own. now i only have 365 days to ago which also means that from tomorrow, i’ll have 364 days to work my butt off before my metabolism goes over the hill.

check out the G11 that the geek for me for my birthday!

Canon G11 Front

Canon G11 Top

thanks one and all for the kind birthday wishes!

et cetera