death by paper cut

1 have not ran an organised run for a while now. however, 1 have been tracking my runs here.

great eastern 2013 training run  (7km)

great eastern woman run (10km)
Nike Human Race (10km)

great eastern woman run (10km)

melbourne marathon (10km)
singapore marathon (10km)

– run for the kids (14.7km)

– nike realrun (10km)
– singapore marathon (10km)

– streetwise run (10km)
– nike realrun (10km)
– terryfox run (7km)

– streetwise run (10km)
– nike realrun (10km)
– terryfox run (7km)


[…] i haven’t been training particularly hard for this run; i’ll take it as a trial for the stand chart in december. that should round up my running year. […]

[…] the conclusion of this race, i met my target marathon mileage this year. will start looking for other runs 2008 will offer. steelwool @ 10:12 am [filed under […]

[…] 10km for a long time. I half expected to perform so considering how much more conditioned i was for my previous runs. i did however, have fun at the […]

[…] 9, 2009}   on the run again i never really had the opportunity to rev back into my running momentum since i returned from melbourne. running momentum here means train and take part in at least two […]

[…] back at my track record (linked in mileage in this side bar), I realised that it was 10 years ago that I first started running sustained […]

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